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The intention of the Medieval Serbia web site is to present and explore the medieval Serbian history and culture. Being an independent web site, it is not influenced or associated with any organization or institution and it does not express any political or religious views. Since the web site was created back in 1998, during the past 5 turbulent years in Serbia, it supported wide spread campaigns and ideas on several occasions (see HISTORY / ACTIVITIES section).

This web site is closely cooperating with the Serbian Genealogy Foundation (SGF) and Serbia Today web site.

Contents and pictures are collected from various sources and they will be listed here shortly. The web site is financed and maintained by Zeljko Jovanovic as it can be seen on WHO IS section at Network Solutions.


Domain name ( was initially registered with and transferred to Network Solutions in February 2003.

The web site is hosted by VeratNet, standard hosting package. The servers of VeratNet are located in Belgrade, Serbia.


Medieval Serbia was created and uploaded to the Internet in August 1998. Initially it was hosted on a free user's web space of EUnet Serbia (1MB) and after a year, EUnet donated free of charge 2 additional MBs.

During NATO's campaign against Yugoslavia (now Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999, Medieval Serbia web site had a special section with the coverage of the campaign.

In August and September 2000, Medieval Serbia was supporting the electoral campaign of Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) and its presidential candidate, Mr. Kostunica by placing banners on its web site. From September 25 up to October 5, the web site was intentionally closed joining the general strike organized to force that the elections results are accepted.

In December 2000, Medieval Serbia web site was supporting the electoral campaign of DOS and its Prime Minister candidate, Mr. Djindjic.

From February 10, 2003 up to March 17, 2003, only the web site's front page was on-line due to the difficulties related to the transfer to another server. At the same time, Medieval Serbia joined the mourning Serbian nation after the cowardly assassination of the late Prime Minister Mr. Djindjic.

From August 1998 up to March 2003, Medieval Serbia had 37,214 hits.


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