Medieval Serbia: The Families

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The Families

The coat of arms of the Kosace family

There were many important medieval families and they ruled Serbia for almost four centuries. Dukes and princes were subdued to the Royal family of Nemanjics but after the death of the last Emperor Uros IV the rest of the nobility split the state in their personal, small dominions fighting for the crown. Conflicts and internal struggles were ruining medieval Serbia while the Turkish forces were planning their invasion to the Balkan peninsula.

The very last effort to unite the Serbian noblemen took place in 1389 AD when prince Lazar tried to stop the Turk conquerors. Serbian nobility stood side by side during the crucial battle of Kosovo on June 28, 1389. Prince Lazar was captured in the battle and beheaded, shortly after the assassination of the Turkish sultan Murat. Nevertheless, the Turks did not conquer Serbia after this battle, they succeeded in their intention 70 years after that and controlled Serbia for five centuries, until 1804.

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