Medieval Serbia: Frescoe Gallery

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Welcome to the on-line Fresco Gallery! Interiors of Serbian churches and monasteries were elaborately decorated with fresco paintings. They survived past centuries, times of war and peace.

Fresco painting is a method of painting on freshly applied, wet lime-plaster walls with colors made by grinding artists' dry-powder pigments in pure water. The colors dry and set with the plaster to become a permanent part of the wall.


White Angel of Mileseva

The famous White Angel pointing out the place where Christ resurrected, Mileseva monastery, c. 1228


Emperor Dusan and his wife

Almost 3 meters high, portrait of Emperor Dusan the Mighty and his wife Jelena, Monastery of Archangel Michael, c. 1347


Holly warriors

Manasija monastery


Saint Sava

St. Sava, Mileseva monastery, c. 1228.

King Milutin

King Milutin holding a model of his endower monastery, Studenica, 14th century


Queen Simonida

Milutin's wife, Queen Simonida is being crowned by an angel, Gracanica Monastery c.1318