Medieval Serbia: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My parents came from Serbia, can you help me find my ancestors, my surname is...

A: I am very sorry, but I cannot help you with this. Try contacting Rodoslovlje web site (by Serbian Genealogy Foundation) or the church from the birth town of your parents. The official web site of Serbian Orthodox Church can be found at the links section of this web site.


Q: I have to write an essay / paper / homework on medieval Serbia. Can you write it for me?

A: Of course not.


Q: I have to write an essay / paper / homework about medieval Serbia. Can I use the info I found at this web site?

A: Yes but please include the point of reference.


Q: Where can I find more on medieval Serbia?

A: Try the links section within this web site. I will try to include as many links as I find.