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  Jefimija's Praise to Saint Prince Lazar


Many people died in the battle of Kosovo (June 28, 1389) and their wives, daughters and mothers had nothing to do but weep for their tragic loss. One nun, Jefimija, made this embroidery in 1402 where she praised "Great Prince Lazar". Words are embroidered by a golden thread on 67 x 49 cm big red cloth which was intended to cover the body of the killed Prince. This item is in the Serbian Orthodox Church Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.


In the delights of this world you have been raised from your youth,
Oh, you new martyr, prince Lazar,
And the vital hand of God among all earthy noblemen
Showed and chose you being so provident and glorious.
You have ruled the land of your ancestors
And with kindness you have delighted all Christians
And with manly heart and religious devotion
You confronted the snake
And the enemy of the divine churches,
Found out that it is unbearable for your heart
To see the Christians of yours ancestors
Conquered by the Islamite (Turks),
So you could achieve this:
To leave the decaying highness of an earthy lordship
And to cover yourself in your own blood
And unite with the soldiers of a heavenly Emperor.
By this you have succeeded in your two wishes:
You have killed the snake,
And you have taken the crown of martyrs from the God.
Now donít let oblivion take your children
Which you left all alone when you transferred,
Because since you are in the eternal heavenly joy,
Many troubles and diseases came across your beloved children
And in many troubles they live their lives,
After the Islamite (Turks) had conquered them.
And we all need your help,
So we are praying to our common bishop
For your beloved children
And for all those who serve them with love and faith.
Your children are united in sorrow,
Because those who ate their bread now rebelled against them,
Your deeds placed into forgetfulness,
Oh, you martyr.
But if you have transferred yourself from this life,
You know about troubles and pains of your children,
And as a martyr you are free in front of God,
Kneel in front of the bishop, who married you,
Pray that your children live a long life
In joy and happiness,
Pray that the Christian Orthodox faith
Endure in the land of your fathers,
Pray to the victorious God,
That Stefan and Vuk achieve victory,
For all invisible and visible enemies,
Because if we accept that help with God,
We shall give the praise and glory to you.
Call all your friends, sacred martyrs,
And pray with them to God,
Tell everything to Georgius,
Move Demetrius,
Convince Theodore,
Take Mercurius and Procopius,
And donít leave forty Sebastian martyrs
Where your beloved children are fighting
Prince Stefan and Vuk,
Pray that God gives them help,
So, come and help us wherever you are.
Look to this small contribution of mine,
And count it as big,
Because I didnít praise you as I should have,
But as I my small mind allowed me to,
So I wait small rewards.
But you were, oh my dear master and sacred martyr,
Generous in this rotten and short world,
And you are even more in this eternal and magnificent,
That you received from God,
Because when I was in foreign lands,
You generously supported me,
So I beg you for this:
To support me,
And to quench this raving storm of my soul and body.
Jefimija kindly gives this to you my sacred one.










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